Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gear School + FaceBook

The folks at Bamf! have created a presence for the Gear School short film on FaceBook. It's in Spanish, but for those of you who went to public school and can only read one language (like me!) there is some non-language-specific content up there including a peek behind the scenes at the making of the film and some production photos. It's all pretty neat. If you're on the FaceBook, which I hear is popular with the kids, then you should "like" it.

That is all.


Sarah Evans said...

You need to have this play at the Salem Film Festival next year. :-)

adam jk gallardo said...

You know, we had talked about that at one point, months ago. Then, as the film festival came around, I forgot to bring it up again. I only remembered after I saw the printed schedule. But, like you say, maybe next year.