Monday, October 20, 2014

Forgive me while I crow a bit..

Me upon reading said review.
So, Bill Ransom, who has an impressive list of accomplishments, among which I can number:

  • Finalist for both the Pulitzer and National Book Award 
  • Coauthor, with Frank Herbert, of the Pandora sequence.
  • Possessor of a "hot" rating on 

That very same Bill Ransom left this amazing review for Zomburbia on Amazon:

"This is the best-written Zombie novel I've ever read, and I'm looking forward to 'Zombified'. Gallardo has captured the essence of suburban adolescence and angst with masterfully crafted scenes. This could be some director's next hit film!"

This means a lot to me because I studied with Bill at Evergreen and have long admired his work.

Thanks, Bill! And thanks to everyone who's rated or reviewed the book. It's truly appreciated!