Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pipe dreams

I daydream a lot, and I often berate myself for the ludicrous nature of those daydreams -- so ludicrous that they are elevated to the status of pipe dreams. But just lately, I've had a couple of these fantasies come true. So here's one more:

I used to want Dakota Fanning to star as Sylvia in a motion picture adaptation of my book, 100 Girls. Now that she's too old for the part, I'd like to see the role go to either her sister, Elle, or to Chloe Moretz.

Okay, Universe, you've got your work cut out for you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage print porn

Anyone who's visited this blog a time or two probably knows that I have a fetish fascination with the printing process. I found this video today on BoingBoing and my heart just melted. This is an old instructional film released by The Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc. It shows all the steps of book production in the pre-digital age. Great stuff. It makes me wish that my (theoretical) novel could be set in Linotype.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And there was much rejoicing

This evening I finished cleaning up the first draft of my novel, Zomburbia, and I sent it away to its first reader. It is now out in the world like some fledgling bird. A fledgling zombie bird. I feel like I'll now be able to think again about things not related to the novel. And I think I'll be posting here again with more regularity. I hope.

First up, a bit of music. This video is for a song by Lelia Broussard, "Satellite." Ms Broussard is from New York and she is part of the same scene (in my mind at least) that also includes Allison Weiss, Jenny Owen Youngs and Bess Rogers -- all of whom I've written about before, right? Either way, I hope you like this song.

Good night.