Monday, September 13, 2010

Quotes on comics

Another post poached from my other, now defunct, site:

Apparently I only have the strength to occasionally show up here and point to something of interest I found on the Internet. So be it for the time being, I guess. Someday I'll get enough sleep and have the energy to make real posts. Someday.

For now, I stumbled upon the site Quotes on Comics, which is exactly what you might imagine. Here's one of my favorites, and one that resonates for some reason:

"Breaking into comics is like breaking into a high-tech military compound. The first thing they do after discovering you got in is go seal up your entrance so no one can ever break in that way again."

Devin Grayson


Melissa said...

Ha! I like that. And it begs the question: How did you break into comics, Mr. Gallardo? Do tell (or at least link to a previous entry that explains all)!

adam jk gallardo said...

Short answer: Nepotism.