Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're off on the road to Comic Con

I am leaving early tomorrow morning for what has accurately been described as Nerd Prom, San Diego Comic Con. This is my tenth Comic Con in a row, and my first to attend on my own rather than under the auspices of a publisher. I'll be manning the table with my good friend and collaborator, Todd Demong.

If you are not attending the convention and would like a taste of it, keep checking back here. I hope to make an entry every night of the con to wax poetic on the day's events. I'll also be uploading photos to my flickr account every night. And, throughout the day from the convention floor, I'll be logging brief accounts, more than likely nonsensical, via twitter. That's probably more than any one person would want to know about the show, but one never knows.

If you will be at the show, here is my schedule, please come by and say hello:

Homebase: Table M9 in the Small Press Pavilion.

Other signings:
Thursday, July 24
1:50-3:30 (Arcana Comics, booth 2514)

Friday, July 25
12:50-2:00 (Autograph area, AA1)
4:20-5:30 (Arcana Comics, booth 2514)

Saturday, July 26
4:20-5:30 (Arcana Comics, booth 2514)

Sunday, July 27
12:50-2:00 (Arcana Comics, booth 2514)


Melissa said...

Dude, when are you going to update this?!

adam jk gallardo said...

Oh, my God, for reals?! You know I've been without an Internet connection or a computer for the last two days and you're still gonna give me a hard time? Okay. I see how it is.

Expect a flame war, Mrs. Kreutz Gallardo.