Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Con 2008: the tweets

Because I don't feel like creating anything new right now, here is every twitter I posted while in San Diego last weekend:
Saw vanity plate on way to airport. 'JEDIBUS.' Good omen. Saying good-bye to Melissa and Oscar sucked. Even worse than the security check. Plane on the tarmac for the last half-hour. May have to de-plane. What the F? Finally wheels down in SD. On to hotel, then convention center. 75 degrees is a lot warmer when you're carrying 50 lbs. So far, with all the lines, Comic Con is a lot like Disneyland. Where's Mickey? 'No, I'm not here to buy anything, I just want to touch it all with my greasy paws.' Got exciting news last night, but can't talk about it 'til August. Made the con for me! All good news! Kristin ran the booth for us while we signed. Sold the hell out of some books. We may offer her a job. Just met Johnny Johnny of Tiki Lounge fame. Cool, funny guy. Talked with Eddie Campbell for a few minutes at the show today. Another cool, funny guy. Read his books. Just uploaded my photos from first two days at con. http://tinyurl.com/5no4zx
It's amazing how much better even five hours of sleep can make you feel. It is a cargo shorts kinda day. Nearly sold out of Gear School and it's only Friday. Man. I can actually feel my soul being crushed. Beer was able to repair my soul. Thanks for asking. Saturday and I've woken up tired. Could be a long day. Could be great, too. Waiting for a cab to take us to the show. Trying to find my game face. Unlike a lot 'artists,' I can't wait for the chance to sell-out. My gameface, while not absent, is certainly capricious. It is likely to leave me w/out warning. Trapped behind the table, I am getting no good photos of costumes. Of course, I've been underwhelmed by the costumes I've seen. Comics Foundry has a prominent sign: '2008 Eisner Award Loser.' Love it when folks who bought the book come back and tell us how they liked it. Ego bump. Melissa is sendìng me photos & videos of Oscar. It's killing me how much I miss them. To think -- I considered not going to the Hyatt this year. I believe that the convos and contacts made on Saturday night are worth having come to SD again. Maybe I should only come on Saturday night. Last day of con. I've had fun and all, but THANK GOD. 'You're not my real dad!' A random stranger just went and got me a Shermy pin from the Peanuts booth. Very nice! Booth babe directing people to us. This signing going much better. Time to head to the airport. It's never a good sign when the bartender asks how much you've had to drink today. That last tweet wasn't about me. They've started boarding the plane. End in sight. On the plane. Ready to turn off phone & sleep. One more SDCC under the belt. Home again. I'm so tired, my brain hurts.

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