Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm a traveling man, don't tie me down...

Oscar, Melissa, and I did a fair amount of traveling and socializing this week.

On Tuesday, Sarah and Stuart brought us dinner and we sat around talking for a good long time. Sarah is just returned from her first grad school residency. She seemed really jazzed about about the whole program, though the amount of work she has to do is daunting to say the least. Good luck to her.

We had a pediatrician's visit on Wednesday. Oscar clocked in at 12 lbs., 13 oz. and 23.5 inches long. Melissa and I had a list of questions and concerns for the doctor (most having to do with his poop) and the doctor did her best to assure us that, based on Oscar's weight gain and obvious happiness, we're doing everything right and that he is, in general, just fine. It's always nice to have that little bit of hand-holding.

Thursday found us traveling to Portland where we visit my old stomping grounds at Dark Horse. I was on the phone a couple of weeks ago with DH's managing editor, Davey Estrada, and he suggested that I come visit and bring Oscar to see the joint, so I figured I'd take him up on it (annoyingly, our camera's battery ran out and we have no photos of Oscar meeting all of these folks). I got to say howdy to some folks I hadn't seen in a while (Mike Denning, a curmudgeon from way back, couldn't wait for a chance to hold the baby -- it was super cute), Davey bought us lunch, and I walked out of the office with a stack of books nearly as tall as Oscar. One of the highlights was when Katie Moody, editrix extraordinaire, hung out with us in an empty office the whole time that Melissa nursed Oscar. I've always liked Katie and haven't spent nearly as much time with her as I'd like, so it was cool to have so much of her time.

Because we were in town, and since Oscar was doing so well, we decided to visit Melissa's grandpa, Craig, at the assisted living facility where he lives. We called and asked if was available and he told us he was and that the facility was having a BBQ. He'd get us tickets to attend. Great, I love me the grilled meats. Normally the trip from DH to the facility would take fifteen, twenty minutes, but when we hit a wall of traffic more than a mile from the freeway entrance, I knew we were in trouble. What we didn't know then was that there had earlier been a high-speed chase involving a bank robber and half the police in Clackamas County. This resulted in a crash that shut down all North-bound lanes of traffic on I-205. Long story short; that fifteen minute trip took more than two hours. But when we finally got to the facility, the BBQ was still going strong, we ate some incredible food, and were serenaded by an actual oompa band. These are experiences I don't have every day.

Friday was the fourth of July and that meant a parade in Monmoth. Oscar's first, though he slept through it. Maybe next ear he'll be sitting with the other kids, scrambling out to get candy thrown by the floats and firetrucks and whatnot. Or I may have to do it for him if I want to make sure and get some of the good stuff.
Later that evening, we went to another BBQ, this one at Sarah and Stuart's. Our friends, Jim and Stephanie, were there, too, and we were joined by a friend of Stuart's, Shannon. It was nice to sit outside, sip some beer, eat some good food (even if it was tofu!), and talk with our friends. We feel amazingly lucky that Oscar's temperament allows us to do that.

Saturday and Sunday, we stayed close to home, only taking a little time to meet Vicki for breakfast at the Original Pancake House, the restaurant that serves crack coffee. I'm not kidding, this coffee is so good, it has street-value.

Other than that, I finished the Gear School script (about which I have previously written)and sent it off to my editor and I got a good start on the proposal for the next book I want to write.

I swear, it seems like the good days just keep piling up.

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