Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello, Internets, did you miss me?

After a two-day separation from the world wide web, I am back in business.

The show is going well. Very well. Todd and I received news last night that makes us very happy. We are not yet cleared to speak of it, so I won't. But soon. Happy.

We're chatting up some folks, selling some books, eating some excellent food. The food in San Diego is stellar. Even better than the food are the people that I see only once a year while at the convention. Our friends Will and Kristin are always a highlight.

It's one in the morning and I don't feel very coherent right now, but I felt I should write something here.

Maybe I should just mention that there are photos from the convention floor up on the flickr page. Go there and partake in the sweet madness that is Comic Con.

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