Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Up all night; Visitors; Weight gain

We had a long, somewhat drawn-out weekend. Sleep deprivation makes all time coalesce into a foggy, timeless NOW. If that makes sense.

Saturday, I went to Free Comic Book Day at Danger Zone and had a nice time. I met quite a few people, sold a few books, and felt guilty for not being with the family. But I think it was good for me. I hover too much. When we have him in the bassinet or the car seat, I can't resist just standing over him and staring. And I sometimes have trouble sleeping (and sleep is so precious right now) because I lay there worried about how Oscar is doing RIGHT THIS MOMENT. We'll get it worked out, I'm sure.

My brother and his family came over on Saturday after FCBD. I felt bad because I spent about an hour with them before I had to go to sleep.

Here are some more vital statistics for Oscar: As of today, he weighs more than his birth weight. 6 lbs, 13 oz and measured 20.25 inches. Everyone, including his very tired parents, are very proud of his growth. It's amazing how much he's changed in his a little over a week. His cheeks are filling out and he's gaining a little Buddha belly.

Speaking of his belly, we think Oscar may have pulled his umbilical stump out. He has a habit of gripping very tightly onto his stomach. This freaks out Melissa and me. Last night we noticed the bloody stump hanging off his belly by a single thread. Ugh. The doctor says this is nothing to worry about.

Over the last few days, we've had a small parade of visitors come by and see our Little Man. Jim, Stephanie, and Vicky visited us in the hospital. Since coming home we've seen Kobi, Bryan, Journey and Dixon Blair; Sarah Evans and Stuart Rue; Angela Yeager; my brother's family; Tanya and Jerry and the kids; Kate Evans; and Murray and Patie (who brought us a beautiful home-made blanket. Everyone coos appropriately over how handsome Oscar is. All of our friends have really good taste.

More photos of these last few days up on our flickr page soon.

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