Friday, May 2, 2008

The Milkman Cometh*

Oscar gained another two ounces today. He was weighed at our latest appointment with the lactation specialist. She had a lot of praise for the routine we're following and for Melissa's technique. Score!

We're gonna continue with the routine of thirty minutes feeding, pumping and feeding the milk we get to Oscar, supplemented with formula. Please note that I say "we" though I am not really expressing any milk. After this weekend, we hope that we'll be able to cut out the formula.

And, big news, Melissa's milk is coming in!

More minutia about Oscar's feeding schedule as events warrant.

*I really, really hate puns, but, man, I couldn't resist.


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Anonymous said...

Adam and Melissa,
Sounds like everything is going pretty well. Michael and I had to give Eli some formula at the beginning also and I was pumping after every feeding (UGH!), but it is TOTALLY worth it. Now breast feeding is a breeze (I really NEVER thought I would say that) and Eli is healthy and FAT! Best of luck keeping up with it all. It is SO tiring.
Love, Beth