Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The new book

Just so you don't think that this blog will now become Oscar-centric to the exclusion of all else:

Copies of 100 Girls arrived yesterday from Simon and Schuster, and it's a beaut! Very nice presentation, which, actually, preserved a lot of the look of the books I designed. I'm just saying. I also had a great conversation with the books editor at S&S the other day -- Michael del Rosario -- and I'm happy to report that he's a stand up joe. He's very pumped about the book.100 Girls is Simon Pulse's (S&S's teen-targeted division) first graphic novel and they're hoping it will make a big splash.

S&S will also be in San Diego and want Todd and Me to do signings at their booth. Score.

Okay, one Oscar tidbit: We packed Oscar up into the stroller (thanks CB and Barb!) and took him out for his first stroll. He doesn't much ike being restrained, so he cried hard for a few minutes and then passed out. Very exciting.

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