Thursday, May 1, 2008

Days one and two at home

We've had the Sprout home for three days now. The first night was... rough.

Oscar was still not really feeding, and Melissa's milk hadn't come in, and he was obviously hungry. He cried all night long and, my God, it was just heart breaking. Hearing him cry, wail, and even knowing why, but not being able to do anything about it but hold him,rock him, walk with him. My hips hurt the next morning because I'd walked and swayed him so much.

But that morning, this would be Wednesday, we took him to the lactation specialist. She weighed him (down to 6 lbs, 1 oz) and counseled Melissa on feeding techniques. For the most part, Oscar is latching on to Melissa's breast, but there was no milk there for him, which is common. I have to take a moment and shake my fist at evolution. Why is it that at just the moment that mom and child are trying to figure out the whole feeding thing, the body decides it should take a few days for there to actually be milk. And I know that there's colostrum there for the little guy, but it doesn't fill his tummy.

Anyway, the lactation specialist, concerned about his weight and about a yellowish tinge he's taking on due to slight jaundice (also caused by how little he's eating) has us supplementing what he's getting at the breast with an ounce of formula at each feeding. The change has been amazing. We had him weighed at his first wellness visit today and overnight he'd gained two ounces. He's sleeping soundly -- he has to be woken to take a feeding, actually -- and he just seems overall more content. Now that Melissa's milk seems to be coming in, we're hoping to soon be able to cut out the formula.

Also at his appointment today, they tested the level of bilirubin in his blood (the cause of the jaundice) and found it only slightly elevated. The doctor wasn't concerned and believes it'll dissipate as oscar gains weight.

We've settled into a routine here, feeding every three hours. Melissa will rest or sleep as she's able, her mom, Sue and I assisting as we can. Sue and I also take turns sleeping so that someone is always up with Melissa and Oscar. Without talking about, the night shift has fallen to me, but that's fine since I'm a night owl anyway. It's been a God-send, having Sue here with us. I don't know how Melissa and I would have managed without her. Besides spotting me so I can sleep, she's cooked us meals, walked with and comforted Oscar -- basically made it so we can feel sane for the last few days. She'l be with us through the end of next week. I hope we'll be okay after that.

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Stefanie said...

Give him a kiss for us. He is so sweet. We're glad he is gaining weight and doing well. Soon he'll be hanging out with the boys. Let us know if you need anything. We plan to make something yummy to help out when Sue leaves. Let us know if you have any requests. We make a mean macaroni and cheese.