Thursday, December 30, 2010

Links 12/30/10

Jess Nevins gives a close reading of Mary Poppins and he can reach only one conclusion: It's a horror film!Mary Poppins’ mirror image moves and acts on its own. It smiles now—but what is it doing when the children are asleep? Is it still there, looking at them? Does it—can it—affect the children’s reality? Heroes nods at this, with Mirror Jessica haunting Niki, but the show doesn’t make full use of this. Neither does Mary Poppins, but in context Mirror Mary Poppins is actually more disturbing than Mirror Jessica.”

The best, most disheartening analysis of the Wikileaks affair so far comes from SF writer Bruce Sterling. Everyone involved, including Julian Assange and Wikileaks, gets taken to task: “Diplomats have become weak in the way that musicians are weak. Musicians naturally want people to pay real money for music, but if you press them on it, they’ll sadly admit that they don’t buy any music themselves. Because, well, they’re in the business, so why should they? And the same goes for diplomats and discreet secrets.

Like me, you may still have folks asking you how Twitter works or why you do it. Designer Jessica Hische has put together a simple and conclusive explanation called Mom, This is How Twitter Works. I will be directing people to this page a lot, I think.

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