Monday, December 6, 2010

The Holiday Pimp

File this under "shameless self-promotion." Christmas is just around the corner, Hanukkah is nearly over, Kwanzaa is nearly upon as are other celebrations about which I am unaware because I am an American with a public school education. In that spirit, I thought I would take this opportunity to point out to you, the gift-buying public, that I am the author of several fine comic books. Which comics? Well, let me show you. Consider the list below the only one you need to complete your holiday shopping:

Star Wars: Infinities -- Return of the Jedi
Art by Ryan Benjamin

My very first published work. Also the most awkwardly titled. It's an alternate-universe take on the third of the Star Wars films (or the sixth if you are a heretic and consider the new trilogy worthy of the canon). This book is perfect for the sci-fi-loving geek in your household.

Art by Todd Demong

My first creator-owned titled. Originally published by Arcana
Comics, it was later collected by big-time publisher, Simon & Schuster. This one is near and dear to heart. It's the story of
thirteen-year-old Sylvia Mark. She's the product of a government-funded experiment and she can totally kick your butt. Honestly,
my favorite thing about this book is Todd Demong's art, which evolved over the course of our doing the book together (as a bonus, if you follow the link to Todd's blog, he posted a new sketch of Regina from 100 Girls just today!). It starts out great and moves on to face-meltingly great. This is recommended for teens as there is a fair bit of violence.

Art by Justin Nitz

An anthology of indie horror comics featuring some very cool cats (Rick Geary is at the top of that heap!) and published by my good friend Devon Devereaux. Buy this book and see my riff on classic EC horror tales of old. There's a lot of fun stuff here for those who like their horror mixed with black comedy. This is definitely suggested for adults.

Art by Nuria Peris, Sergio Sandoval and Studio Fenix

Another creator-owned title, this one published by Dark Horse Comics. It features a young girl in a world where giant mecha
are the principle war machines. Children are taught to drive these machines at an early age. I've always thought of this series as Digrassi High meets Mobile Suit Gundum. It's high melodrama in a futuristic high school and the occasional alien menace. Yes. And it features gorgeous art by a team of Spanish
artists. Suitable for younger teens or anyone who was once a young teen.

MySpace Dark Horse Presents volumes 1 & 5

I have one short story in each of these volumes. Volume one features a Gear School short story with art by Nuria and Sergio. Volume five features a new character, Dalton, with art by Todd Demong. Both are fun little romps surrounded by an eclectic collection of very cool comics. DHP has always had a reputation for publishing some of the finest comics in the business, and the on-line incarnation was no exception (my own contributions notwithstanding). Get these for anyone who is looking to be exposed to a lot of new titles. Probably rated PG-13.

Art by Nuria Peris, Sergio Sandoval and Studio Fenix

A follow-up to the original Gear School, this book features more of everything you (well, maybe not you) loved in the first volume -- romance, rivalry, giant robots beating the snot out of each other. Buy this for anyone who loved book one or buy both for a great little set. Again, suitable for young teens and up.

Art by Todd Demong and mumble-mumble...

This is an odd little number, but of potential interest to some folks out there. This book collects some team-up stories featuring characters that Arcana has published over the years. One of these is a 100 girls story published for the first time ever. It was written and drawn years ago and fell into a pit of legal darkness when the character with which Sylvia teamed up had her company go bankrupt. Some deft maneuvering on the part of Arcana makes this story's publication possible. It's a 48-page story told in two parts. Part one features art by Todd Demong, part two by a fine young man whose name I've forgotten and can't find record of. C'mon, it was like four or five years ago. Buy the book and you can look it up yourself. Recommended for older teens.

There you go. A little something for everyone on your holiday gift list. Unless I'm that person, of course. But you can always just send me cash. Happy holidays, folks.

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