Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adventures in parenting

Oscar's development really seems to be accelerating at a pretty amazing clip. I think it's my job not not to be distracted by those changes from my main job. You know, making sure he doesn't hurt himself. Or, even better, actively hurting him.

Something Oscar started doing just today is sitting up with his legs folded underneath him. Please see the accompanying illustration. I decided I wanted to get a photo of Oscar doing thisd new thing and send it to Melissa. Documenting his development and sending the photographic evidence to Melissa at work. I was so concerned with lining up the shot that I didn't really notice Oscar tipping over backward until I heard the huge thump. I actually felt the shock wave travel through the floor. And then Oscar was wailing.

I picked him up and cradled him and did my best to comfort him, and I managed to curse myself while I did it. He stopped crying and struggling to get out of my arms-- a sure sign he was okay. I set him on the floor and picked up his favorite toy (a toy video camera that makes a whole plethora of electronic noises -- thanks, Stephanie!) intending to give it to Oscar. What I did, however, was drop the toy and hit Oscar square in the mouth. Renewed wailing ensued as did the self-recriminations.

It felt like forever before I could soothe Oscar again. So I had lots of time to kick myself over this. I know that I can't always stop every accident that Oscar has, but, man, it really killed me to be the cause of two of them in one day. In the space of ten minutes.

Not to worry, however. Oscar was just fine. As seen in photo #2: We played safely the rest of the day. Tomorrow, helmet shopping!

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Stuart Rue said...

Ok, the first of these "failures" is pretty silly. Kids fall down. It happens. It happens a lot. You can't blame yourself for not catching them every single time. Seriously, I was all ready to write a "THAT'S IT??!?!" comment until I read about you smacking him in the mouth with his toy.

Now that's more like it. Hilarious! And you never know, he might start feeling litigious over this and grow up to be a lawyer. Parenting failure!