Sunday, June 22, 2008

The return of bullet points

It has been many, many days since last I wrote about the doings in Oscar's life. Let's roll:

•The boy now weighs in at 11 lbs., 13 oz. This measurement is several days old and I suspect he will shatter this number at his next weigh-in on Tuesday.

•We've had visitors a-plenty: Devon came and had dinner with us; Stephanie and Alex brought us some more baby clothes; Sean came by and made us brunch and spent the day' Michelle and Delaney Cheney got to meet the Sprout; Beth, Tess and Colm came in from La Grande; Oscar's great-aunt Barb visited from Reno; Lani flew in from San Francisco (by way of Portland); and, winning the distance traveled award: Kaly Soto came to us all the way from New York. Man, that's a lot of people who want a peek at the little one.

•We figured out that Oscar is allergic, slightly, to milk protein in Melissa's diet. Melissa is now completely diary-free. In a related topic: Ice cream made from rice is not so good.

•We've (or I've) successfully fed Oscar from a bottle several times. It's important that we master this before Melissa returns to work as she cannot leave her boobs behind when she leaves for the day. Believe me, I've asked.

•I celebrated my first Father's Day. Melissa and Oscar took me out to breakfast. And then they let me go to the movies. Fantastic.

•Oscar and I were interviewed for a radio show.

•We continue to be the social animals we were before Oscar's arrival,and he seems to enjoy, or at least not mind, all of our outings. The places we've been includes: Fox Blueprint, Sonic Burger, Ranch Records, the comics shop, the Wednesday and Saturday farmers markets, a birthday party, and various coffee shops. This is on top of our daily walks around the neighborhood. Oscar is extremely portable.

•On top of all of this, Oscar is still giving me time to write.

Stay tuned for further bulleted bulletins.

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