Monday, June 2, 2008

Catch-up, part deux

Let's see, what's happened since I last wrote that I might want to mention?

Oh, right, I got laid off. This was actually a pretty good thing all things considered. It means that I get to spend more time with Melissa and Oscar as I look for work. I can also devote a few hours each day to writing, which is what I've been doing (this last sentence for the benefit of any editor or artist to whom I might owe a script). All in all, I'm very happy with the current situation.

OK, let's get to the bullet points!

• As of last week, Oscar weighed 9 lbs, 13 oz., with all his clothes on. I'll update the weight again after tomorrow's clinic visit.

• Last week was my birthday (your gift must have gotten lost in the mail). Melissa managed to go to the store and bake me a cake while I was out for a little while. She is Superwife! She also got me some cool presents: Raising Arizona (one of my favorite movies) on DVD, the next volume in The Complete Peanuts, and the new Mates of State CD (to which I am currently listening). It was a good b-day.

• Lots of visitors! Oscar's great aunt, Pat; his grandpa, CB, and CB's girlfriend, Rebecca; our friend, and the man who officiated at our public wedding, Scott Hossner; and his grandma, Sue, and her friend, Cindy. Oscar is quite the social butterfly.

•I had my first solo outing with Oscar. We went to the grocery store and the hour passed in a state (for me) of abject terror, but without incident. Oscar was content to sleep through most of the trip.

• We went to a Memorial Day BBQ at the Blairs and hung out with (mostly) other new parents and their progeny.

• Oscar officially outgrew the newborn diapers and has moved on to the stage 1. He is working hard to fill these new, larger diapers.

• Saturday found us at the Saturday market where we ran into, seemingly, everyone we know that lives in Salem. It was fun showing off the Sprout to everyone.

• Finally, Vicki visited and, being an excellent guest, brought Blizzards from DQ with her. She is always welcome in our home.

There should be new photos up on the flickr page in the next day or two. And I promise to update more often. Honest.


Stephanie said...

Hey, we didn't see you at the Saturday Market! In fact, we didn't see *anyone* ... it was very creepy. Apparently we didn't get the memo about what time to be there :) So sorry about the job! But hooray for getting to be home!!

Stuart Rue said...

Happy birthday and congrats on getting fired! I have a similar ambition.

Also, I love bullet points. Yay bullets!

Lani said...

You should read the section on fatherhood in Not That You Asked by Steve Almond if you haven't already — very funny and I bet you may relate.