Sunday, April 13, 2008


I had no idea there were so many copies of the Infinities comics out there. I've signed a bunch that folks brought with them.
Just home from the Portland Comic Show. Here are some thoughts and observations from the floor. I don't know that this will be of interest to anyone but me.

Albinos freak me out.

I talked to Greg Beans for a long time today. Apparently, two of the stories he originally published in his Papercutter anthology have been chosen for this year's Best American Comics anthology. Very sweet.

The stamp I had made doesn't work on the paper Gear School is printed on. Fail.

A woman came up to the booth and grabbed one of everything. I was about to tell her that shit ain't free but she asked me how much? I stammered a little and actually cut her a deal: $45.

I' talked to a lot of people. Got to catch up with with folks I only see at shows.

Had some convo time with both Shannon Wheeler and Randy Emberlin. Tony DeZuniga and his wife, whom I sat next to, were sweethearts. They're this little old Filipino couple. Did you know that there was a big group of Filipino artists working in American comics in the '70s?

I was able to get script some GS pages written.

"I'll be back later to buy that," actually means, "You will never see me again."

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