Friday, November 12, 2010

I couldn't help myself

During the few breaks I had today at my part-time job, I started pecking away at a new short story. I hadn't planned to do this. Hell, I didn't even particularly like that I was doing it. I still have the novel to write and I have homework I should be doing for the MFA. But there it was, a story. Plot, characters, dialog--it all just sort of fell into my brain whether I wanted it or not. I've learned in these situations that I need to actually start writing it down or else it'll just disappear. And if I say I'm going to write down a few notes so I can come back to it later, well, that never works. So I have the opening to a new short story and I guess I'll be writing it over the next little while.

I'm updating the writing numbers I posted earlier today. I'm not sure if I should count the words I write for the short in my stated goal of 30,000 for the month since I wanted those all to go toward my novel. Not that anyone reading this cares, but I've already admitted that I'm doing this for myself. If anyone happens to have an opinion, however, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

For now, here are the numbers.

Daily word count: 2,262 (1,125 novel, 1,137 story)
Monthly word count: 12,875 (11,738 novel, 1137 story)
Novel word count: 83,239 (unchanged from earlier)

And I have to warn you, we've only scratched the surface on how obsessive I can be.

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Melissa said...

All written words count! Except for maybe your texts to me and the grocery list.