Monday, November 8, 2010


I reached the 80,000-word mark on my novel this evening. That's 350 type-written manuscript pages. This is the furthest I've ever gotten on a novel attempt. And, honestly, I don't think this one will be an attempt. I'm going the distance on this one.
A couple of weeks ago, I was telling Melissa that no matter how much I wrote, the ending felt like it was running away from me. I think the actual words I said were, "The ending is receding so fast, I can see itsred shift." Because I know science. But I don't feel that way anymore. Within 20,000 words or so, I'm going to reach the point where all that's left to write is THE END.

And then the real work of rewriting will start. But still...

Here,as they say on Market Place, are the numbers.

Daily word count: 1,263
Monthly word count: 8,548
Novel word count: 80,049 (This is a new category for those playing at home.)

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Melissa said...

You are such a geek: "Here are the numbers." Kai Ryssdal, are you reading this blog?! Adam loves you!

Seriously, I'm proud of you for this milestone. You're working so hard!