Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty young things

Over on the Gear school blog, Nuria has once again published an update about what Bamf! Productions is up to with the book. There are a lot of photos of actors as well. And I note that Nuria hasn't come right out and said what this is all about so I'm going to keep shtum on the matter.

And, just a little off topic, I'd like to mention that the kids pictured are really good looking. Are kids this good looking in America? If they are, I think they're all former Mousketeers, have hyphenate entertainment careers and are well on their way to their first stint in a rehab center.  But the youngsters in the photos are all Spanish and therefore, I assume, all very  nice kids who do their homework and respect their parents. Yes.

Oh, and the fellow in the picture above, while very handsome in his own right, is not one of these Very Handsome Kids but is, instead, a member of the crew. I just really liked the photo.

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