Saturday, May 9, 2009

The secret history of 100 Girls

I have hinted a few times about our (our being Todd, our publisher, our managers, and me) involvement with Hollywood. I have never more than hinted because if these things are up in the air there's a number of reasons not to talk about them. Some of those reason are legal. So I thought it was interesting to stumble across a brief article on Hollywood North Report dot com mentioning 100 Girls having been optioned by Sci Fi. This is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. 1) I never knew that any information about this deal leaked into the wild and 2) because the article is dated December 2008 and the Sci Fi's option on the book had lapsed by that time. Had been lapsed for several months if memory serves.

It makes me wonder why this site would report on a deal that was already history at the time of reporting. Hollywood North Report claims it got the original story from another site. This other site doesn't have any kind of search function, so I can't tell what exactly they reported. This little episode may remain a mystery, I guess.

I have always thought that I'd like to write a detailed history of 100 Girls in Hollywood, but only after the matter of its involement there is settled. And by "settled" I mean either 1) Someone actually purchases the writes to the book or 2) Todd and I throw up our hands and decide to give up on the process entirely.

I have no illusions about which of those eventual outcomes will come to fruition.

But for now, marvel at what could have been...


ThomSouza said...

We have never discussed this, but this makes sense. Your property is perfect for a serialized TV program. The concept is dead on. Actually, I'd never thought of a TV version of 100 Girls, and now, I'm like WTF, why isn't this a show. I watch Jeremiah and all those other junk food syndicated shows. Where is my 100 Girls?

Stuart Rue said...

Here is the source:

There is no additional information in that post - they don't mention any kind of source.

BTW, you can search any Blogger blog using the search bar at the top-left of the screen. :)

Aaron said...

Stuart beat me to it:


Daniel said...

Hi, Adam
Have a look at the preview of 100Girls (in French) on digiBiDi :

adam jk gallardo said...

Thomas-A 100 Girls series does make sense, doesn't it. Will you get a hold of Hollywood and tell them to get their F'ing act together.

Stuart and Aaron-Thanks for doing the work I am neither smart enough nor inclined to do. Much appreciated!

And Daniel-Thanks for the link. I actually have a copy of that book sitting on my bookshelf (also the German and Spanish versions). It's inexplicably cool to have a version of the book in a foreign language.

Daniel said...

You could try to integrate our digiBiDi Player in your blog.
With Blogger, it is disappointingly simple : just paste the html code you will find on the title page.

It might be fun for your readers to have the preview pages in French :)