Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Gear School blog rises from the ashes...

Raise your hand, who remembers that I used to post over on a blog for my book, Gear School? Anyone? Anyone? That's what I thought.

Well, after months of inactivity, Nuria,my better half on that book, has started posting material there. Only it's not quite about the book. I am not currently at liberty to say what this is all about, but I do know what it is and it's pretty cool. I will tease just a bit more and say I can't wait for the announcement. You really should start paying attention to what's going on over there, I think.

So, Nuria is posting there again, how about me? Yes, I do plan on maintaining a presence there again, unless something gets in my way. What that might be, I'm not sure, but I'm sure life can think of a few things.

Wish me luck.

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Stuart Rue said...

Am I allowed to do a little speculating? Especially based on what I was able to dig up on the internet? (