Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Price is (Exactly) Right.

A month of silence and then, BAM, two posts in one night. And this one, God help me, is about The Price is Right. There was a time in my life when I watch this show compulsively. For a few years there in the late '90s I watched it every day. If there was a TV nearby, I was watching folks come on down. So you'll understand why this video piqued my interest. These are the final moments of the Showcase Showdown. (I'm going to assume you've never watched the show and write a quick rundown of this segment.) Two contestants are each shown a bunch of fabulous prizes, they each guess what they think their showcase is worth. Normally people are within, say, a thousand dollars of the actual price. If they guess within $100 dollars of the price (without going over) they win both showcases. This happens fairly rarely. What the man in the video does is something that no one else in the history of the show has ever done: he guesses the price of his showcase exactly.

Somewhere, Bob Barker is seething that it was Drew Carey and not him that hosted this episode.

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Michelle said...

Hey Adam - this brings back fond memories - I too was a big fan during the summers. I have seen a couple of less than $100 winners and balloons dropped from the sky -where was that for this guy? Totally amazing to get the right bid on such a weird price! I am still mad at my sister for not letting us be in the audience about 10 years ago when they were taping and we were in LA. I swear she cost me a new car PLUS the $11,000 spin the big wheel.
You guys keep warm.