Friday, October 10, 2008

More auction items

I belong to a group called "Comics Industry for Obama." I think the name says it all. And if you are not of the voting-for-Obama persuasion, then I hope we can still be friends. If you share my preference for president, then I would like to direct your attention to an auction that the group is holding as a fund-raiser, all proceeds going directly to the Obama campaign. Among the items up for auction, which include pieces of original art by such comics greats as Mike Mignola, is a set of books signed by yours truly. Please check it out.

And a reminder that I still have a set of books up for auction by You should take a look at that auction as well.

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ThomSouza said...

i'm chewin anti-anxiety drugs everyday over this election. I can't handle the thought of 4 more years of repugnantcan domination. there is literally too much to say on this subject, if you ever want to chew the fat on it. Drop me a line.