Monday, October 27, 2008

A half-birthday is so a thing...

This is just to say: Oscar turned six months old today! He's been outside the womb and in our lives for SIX MONTHS. Who'd believe it?

I have to say this. Prior to having Oscar, I was pretty ambivalent about having offspring. Umm... Ambivalent to hostile, actually. I also never wanted to get married, either. Then I met Melissa, and wanted nothing but to get married. And then I wanted to have a wee one with her, and that led to Oscar. I could never have imagined the rush of love I feel for him, and for the life he's given me. I've been trying to think lately exactly what this feeling is, and the closest I've been able to come to it is this: I feel like a broken vessel, unable to contain all of the joy within me. Everthing that I used to do for selfish reason (i.e., achieve success in comics; move on to other, more lucrative forms of writing; travel), I now either no longer want to do, or I want to do them, but only because it means that it will lead to greater security for my family. I believe that it would be impossible to explain to someone without children what this feels like.

So, happy half-birthday, little Mister. I can't wait to see all the things we can accomplish.


ThomSouza said...

beautiful and well put sir. I wish i could imagine, both the joys and the sacrifices that come with children. Carol and I are in full baby-fever lately. But i need to wait until our situation is a bit more stable. I'm in your boat, i never saw myself married, and i never saw myself with children. But now I'm not so sure who i thought i was.

adam jk gallardo said...

Thanks for the comment, Thom.

Here is the only advice I feel qualified to give where baby-having is concerned: If Melissa and I had waited until we felt more secure in our lives before having Oscar, we'd have never had Oscar.

Just something to think about.

lifeisgood said...

so exciting happy half b day Oscar.... Grady and i miss you :) Thanks for updating me on Oscar i regularly check melissas blog but its been the same since August 29 so i just check yours every once and a while. He is getting so big Love that..hope all is well.
Give Oscar and Melissa a big squeeze from Grady and Nicole!