Tuesday, March 25, 2008


More busy-ness at stately Kreutz Gallardo manor. Melissa and I are rushing (in relative terms) to get the house ready for the arrival of the Sprout. To that end, we've had a bit of help. Over the weekend, my brother and his family and Melissa's dad and grand-dad all came over and helped out with various projects. The degree to which these people rock cannot be overstated. My brother and I put together the new wardrobe from Ikea and mounted it to the wall (I say "and I" but really I was relegated to fetching tool and holding things when asked -- this is the same role I assumed whenever I "helped" my dad with some project). My sister-in-law and her kids helped Melissa organize the basement and Melissa's male forebearers fixed our leaky tub faucet and raked the yard. Man.

And we kept going after they all left, too. We washed the walls in the baby's room, and I taped it up and did a coat of primer and a first coat of paint.

Besides that, I finally finished the full outline on the second volume of Gear School and shipped it off to all the parties involved. Now I await their comments and will hopefully move onto the script soon. My goal had been to have it written by the time the Sprout made his debut, but I don't know if that'll happen. I'll still shoot for it, however.

And to top it all off, the Hollywood thing I mentioned a couple of weeks ago has still not resolved itself which means I get to expend enormous amounts of mental energy on that despite the fact that I can't effect the outcome.

I need to lay down.


beth said...

I sure wish I could help! You nesters. Am thinking of you all every day...

adam jk gallardo said...

Thanks, Beth! I wish you could help, too, by the way. It's been nice to have help actually, and it's also nice just to know that folks are thinking of us.

Hope all is well.