Thursday, January 10, 2008

They don't re-print crappy books, right?

I just got word from Dave Land, my male lover my editor at Dark Horse, letting me know that Dark Horse are going to go back to press on Gear School and that, further, the book has started to turn a profit. This is spectacular news. For me, personally, I mean, and not on a planetary scale or anything. This won't help the polar bears, but it gets me one step closer to my dream of... of being able to write more comics, I guess.

Just to put it into perspective: I don't think the Star Wars book I wrote went back to press, so this is a big deal.

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Aaron said...

Just picked up two copies -- one to send for review by a video podcast that I watch, and one for myself -- and I really enjoyed it. Great job, Adam! We are going to see more episodes, right? I want to know more about the gear, the aliens that the humans are fighting and why they are fighting. More, please!