Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heart-shaped scar

I'm not sure why, but I'm thinking a lot about high school lately. Maybe it's because my 20th reunion is coming up this Summer. Maybe it's something to do with the book proposal on which I'm currently work, though that book has absolutely nothing to do with high school.

Anyway, today I was sitting in a coffee shop, drinking a tea and reading a book (From the Teeth of Angels by Jonathan Carroll, which is fantastic, by the way) when this memory came to me and wouldn't go away. Not even a memory, really. I just started thinking about this girl with whom I went to high school. Her name was Angie and she was nice and pretty (an unusual combination in those days, it seemed). We were never friends or hung out or anything, but we had classes together and I remember that she was always pleasant to be around.

What I found myself thinking about this afternoon was the fact that as a baby Angie had had open-heart surgery to correct some defect or another. When she wore certain shirts, you could see the very top of her surgery scar peeking out from the collar. I wanted so much to see the rest of that scar.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan Carroll keeps a wonderful daily blog on his website

Anja T.

adam jk gallardo said...

I've actually been reading his blog for some time -- not sure why I never put it the list of blogs I visit...

But thanks for the comment!