Saturday, December 8, 2007

Merry Christmas to me!

Last night was the Fox Blue year-end dinner. We made out pretty well as far as bonuses go. Melissa told me that I should take a certain amount and do with it whatever I wanted. So today I went on line and ordered a crap-ton of books and one CD set from Amazon: Absolute Sandman volume 1 by Neil Gaiman; Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis; Scott Pilgrim volume 4 by Brain O'Malley; and "Orphans" from Tom Waits.

Honestly, if you were thinking about it, no one should get me anything for Christmas 'cause I just took care of it myself.


Melissa said...

Your boss explained the rules of the bonus and the exact amount that you had to use on something fun for yourself. I'm nothing if not "rule girl." AND I know how hard you work there. You deserve it!

Stuart Rue said...

I was totally going to get you those exact 4 items. Foiled! BTW, nice style on the composition titles.