Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Velvet Fog

Ganked from the Gear School blog:

I'm sure that you've said to yourself: "Gee, Adam writes like the unholy union of Hemingway and Chuck Klosterman, but I wonder what he actually sounds like." Wonder no more, true believer. Jake Tenpas, the Corvallis Times-Gazette writer who made me look so smart has given you a chance to hear my melodious voice. He took portions of our telephone conversation and made it into a podcast for your listening pleasure. There's no direct link to the podcast, so go to the podcast homepage, click on "podcasts", click on Jake's name, there I am.

At this rate, Jake is going to keep me in post-able material for a long time.

The one thing I'd like to correct: Eric Haven's book is called Tales to Demolish.

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Stuart Rue said...

I should admonish you for getting Haven's book title wrong.