Friday, January 2, 2015

Some Zomburbia and Zombified news

As a way to generate interest for Zombified, the second of my Zombie Apocalypse novels, my publisher, Kensington, have made the first book in the series, Zomburbia, a $2.99 purchase for all e-readers. That's one penny less than $3.00, which can't even buy you a latte, right? Unless my time in the land of overpriced coffee has skewed my perceptions. Anyway, here are all links to all the places where you might buy the e-book:

It will be this price all through January, so you can pick up a (virtual) copy and be ready when the sequel, Zombified comes out later this month.

Speaking of Zombified, you may now pre-order it if you feel so inclined. The book will ship on January 27, and it's available from a number of online retailers.

If you'd like to find a brick and mortar store in your area where you can order a copy, you can go to IndieBound and enter your zip code.

Speaking of brick and mortar stores, The Book Bin in Salem, Oregon, is currently taking pre-orders for Zombified. I'd encourage everyone in Salem to get one there. And if you'd like to order a signed copy, they're the folks to contact. I'll be happy to sign and personalize any of my books that you order through them. Here's their information:

(503) 361-1235
It's probably best to call, but you may also contact them via email.

I also have an ARC of Zombified that I'm trying to figure out how to give away. I'll keep you all posted. 

I hope you're all having a good New Year so far, and I'll keep in touch!

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