Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I'm thinking about that are most likely unrelated to one another.

Item 1: I have what I suspect is an annoying habit. Well, more than one certainly but just one that relevant to the discussion here. I don't like to talk about projects in any detail until they have actually come to fruition. On the other hand, I like to mention when I have finished my end of a project. This coyness on my part may very well be infuriating for the reader. For that I apologize.

However! I just finished writing an eight-page script for an unspecified project and I sent it of to Todd Demong. When he's done drawing it we are going to see about entering it into an on-line comics competition. This is something that Todd and I have talked about doing together for going on five ears now. It's nice to finally start writing it; to start seeing it come alive. If this project moves forward from this point, I will definitely write about it in more detail in this space.

I should mention that collectors of the original 100 Girls comics series may find a clue to what project I'm talking about in the letters columns contained therein. There.

Item 2: I can become obsessive about things. Those who know e well may not be surprised by this. Authors and film makers, books, movies, television shows. I can watch certain films again and again. I can listen to certain songs endlessly on repeat. A couple of years ago, I found some videos by the band Ok Go and, for a few months, I had to watch those videos at least once every day.

And now these. A pair of videos by the band The Decemberists. A band I've paid very little attention to before now. I even have one of their albums, but it never grabbed my attention. But a week or so ago, I was on youtube and stumbled across the video for "O Valencia", and quickly followed it up with the video for "Sixteen Military Wives". And I've been watching them compulsively ever since. I don't even feel the need to watch any other of The Decemberists videos. I just need to watch these two over and over again. Soon the spell will be broken and I'll leave them behind and move on to some new obsession. And I won't even remember what it was that appealed to me so strongly about these little gems. But for now, here they are. Let's watch together, shall we?

And a bit of useless trivia. In the video for "Sixteen Military Wives", Ezra Holbrook, songwriter and lead singer of one of my favorite local bands, Dr. Theopolis, shows up at the 4:10 mark. He's sitting behind the drum and wearing a light blue sweater vest. Perhaps that fact will enhance your enjoyment of this video as it did mine.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me by two faithful readers that the video of "O Valencia" I chose wouldn't play. That has now been fixed.


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

I can understand your reluctance to speak too much about projects, but I'm happy to celebrate with you despite my ignorance of what it is we're celebrating. Yay, you!

And, 2, I love Decemberists but have somehow never watched the videos. 'O Valencia' was giving me an error message, but '16 Military Wives' cracked me up. I just saw them last month at Edgefield, where they performed their entire rock opera, "The Hazards of Love" in its entirety. What a great band. :)

Sarah Evans said...

I also don't like to talk about writing projects until they're published and out there, mainly because of a fear that they may not come to fruition. It's like I don't want to get too excited about them unless I know they're a sure thing. Do you think your Item 1 has anything to do with that?

Also, I really love those two Decemberists songs. I hadn't seen the "Sixteen Military Wives" video before -- brilliant.

Jerry said...

Fun fact! The school in "Sixteen Military Wives" is our very own Cleveland High School up here in Powell Blvd.