Monday, April 6, 2009

Speak No Evil

Update: Elan Trinidad just wrote to let me know that this comic has been nominated for an Eisner award for digital comic. Congratulations, Elan! And may I say what a wonderful eye I have for talent.

This is a page from a bizarre and bizarrely touching piece of comics from Elan’ Rodger Trinidad called Speak No Evil. I suggest you read it. I think you'll like it. This and other works can be found at Mr Trinidad's Theory of Everything Comics website (which is a name I wish I'd thought of).


theory_of_everything said...

Adam, I was just informed today that this comic is nominated for a Digital Comic Eisner Award.

The official press release is tomorrow.


adam jk gallardo said...

Congratulations, Elan! That is fantastic news. I'm going to add an update to that effect. Will that push this entry closer to the top of the page...?