Sunday, November 9, 2008

My grasp of Scottish politics is not so fine...

Several of the blogs and twitter feeds I follow are from foreigners. You know, folks who don't reside in the US. And, for some reason, their comments on the state of American politics always seem to be better reasoned and more trenchant than anything I've read from the mainstream American media. Perhaps it's because they are not so invested in the process, or the fact that they don't have to buy into the myth of being an unbiased observer. Whatever it is, these folks always give me something to think about when they turn their eyes on American pols.

A case in point: Charles Stross, an immensely talented SF writer who lives in Scotland, has written up a quick wish list of things he'd like to see President-elect Obama tackle in the first days of his administration. These are all, perhaps understandably given the fact that Mr Stross lives outside our borders, foreign policy matters and, I should stress, I don't agree with all the suggestions, but we could certainly do worse than follow some of his suggestions.

(For political wonks, I'd recommend reading the last few entries in Mr Stross's diary as they are all concerned with various aspects of the campaign that just passed.)

I swear that soon my fascination with politics will pass and I'll be back to posting about Oscar's latest milestones and how little writing I'm getting done.

Please go about your business, citizen.


Jimmy Johns said...

Your last paragraph interests me. I had plenty of friends and loved ones comment on how much change Obama is going to mean to us all...sorry, I'm not buying it.
While it all had a very emotional meaning to me personally, I still feel like it takes each and every one of us to make a difference. Depending on one man and a historical change does not always equate to automatic change.
I personally can remember the few weeks after 9/11 and how neighbors actually stopped to talk to me, etc...and it did only last a few weeks. My worry is that it is all a just a small adrenaline pump in our ever so boring lives and tomorrow we are back to just dealing with OUR own busy lives. I hope I am wrong

adam jk gallardo said...

Honestly, I was looking for a funny/clever way to sign off the post. I doubt that my interest in politics will fade any time soon. Now that I have a little one to care for, I feel more motivated than ever to see the world become a better place. I don't see myself leading any revolutions, but I will strive to remain vigilant and to do what I can. Sorry that the flip nature of the last graph gave the opposite impression.

Also, hi, Jimmy!

Jimmy Johns said...

Well, I didn't necessarily mean you good sir.