Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Team 100 Girls!

Two bits of good news, vis, 100 Girls in the last couple of days. Yesterday I received the proof of the cover design from Simon and Schuster. It looks beautiful. Whoever designed it did a terrific job. I'm not throwing up a scan of it because I'm not sure if that's allowed, but as soon as I have the go-ahead, I'll make it available for all to behold.

Second: At the end of last year's Comic Con in San Diego, Todd and I decided we'd like to get a table at this year's show. This involved me filling out an application, standing in line for several hours, and handing over a deposit check. After all of that, I was told that it would most likely by April before we heard if we got a table. This is apparently not true. Today I got an email saying that we'd been confirmed for a table in the Small Press Pavilion. Super!

Prior to this, I had been assuming that we wouldn't get a table and so I haven't been planning for the show (which, at six months away, now feels like it's rushing at us). Now that it's a reality, I am totally flipping out trying to figure out what to take with me and what preparations I need to make. I've already made hotel reservations, but Melissa and I need to decide soon if she's going, too -- which would mean that the Sprout would come along and that we'd drive -- or if I'll go by myself -- which means I'll fly.

Gah! I have too much to do. What am I doing spending time on this blog?!

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