Monday, July 23, 2007

Dabbler, maybe?

I am something of a design dilettante, or maybe amateur is a more generous term...? Regardless, ever since I went away to college and lied charmed my way into a job for which I was not qualified which involved doing layout on a newspaper, I've been interested in design. I've taken a few classes, but nothing serious.

Despite this lack of formal training, I've done the design on all on several things, literary magazines in college, fliers, all of the design on the 100 Girls books(!), and, my favorite thing so far, my business cards. The previous incarnation of the cards were somewhat elaborate: I did eight different designs, each one with a different piece of Todd's art, and with the 100 Girls logo. I liked them and received several compliments for them, but I always felt they were a little busy. A little too much. Apologies to Todd who is still using these cards as far as I know...

With San Diego coming up I felt like it was time to do a business card redesign. the main reason is because I now have a new book under my name and I wanted to highlight that. I went for a much simpler design -- nothing but an image and my truncated contact info.

The back of the card is a maroon color field (the same color as my name) with white text giving the URLs to my two books.

And I just thought of one reason I like design: it's an amazing work-avoidance technique. You know, you don't want to be doing any of the writing your obligated to do; why not design a sales flier?! That's useful, right? That'll help, right?

I hate to admit that can envision this blog taking the place of design for this purpose.

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